View Full Version : removing emails without readding them in outlook express

Mr P Cannop
14-Nov-09, 22:54
does anyone know how to do this ??

14-Nov-09, 23:05
sorry what are trying to do?

i don't understand the readding bit?


Mr P Cannop
14-Nov-09, 23:31
remove emails without reading them

14-Nov-09, 23:35
ah sorry reading them
my fingers do that too........

right click

if you want to do multiple ones
hold down Ctrl key as you click on each one
then release Ctrl key and on any that you have highlighted
right click
hit delete

that helps?

EDIT: f you want to do lots that are next to each other
click the first one
hold shift
click the last one


14-Nov-09, 23:57
If Outlook Express is set up to automatically preview the e-mail (often in a separate pane below the list of e-mails) then you can turn this pane off by clicking the View menu, select Layout, untick the Show Preview Pane box, then click OK.

Then you can delete them as dx100uk says.

Mr P Cannop
15-Nov-09, 00:55
i mean emails can be deleted without being read

15-Nov-09, 02:08
as i said above

or are you saying that you actually dont want them, so would like to setup a rule so you dont see certain ones from certain places?

really diff to understand what it is you are trying to sort out.

have a waffle, we might understand what you are going on about then..