View Full Version : Strictly Come Dancing.

14-Nov-09, 16:58
It's the half way point! So just wondered who you think is going to win it! I think Ali bastian and Brian Fortuna are going to win because she has become such an elegant dancer! Plus she got full marks last week at Blackpool!:D

14-Nov-09, 18:52
Would be good if Ali and Brian win - they're amazing together! But then so are Ricky and Natalie, and Jade and Ian!! Really difficult to choose a favourite this year - they're all so good! ;)

14-Nov-09, 21:37
I'm a bit upset that Phil and Katya got voted out this week as her mum was over here to see her dance!:~(

14-Nov-09, 21:42
Why? Did you know her Mum?

14-Nov-09, 21:45
NO! I'm just stating the fact the her mum came from Canada just to see her DANCE!! And it's upsetting when some1 sees you do something really special they are the ones that get voted out!!!

15-Nov-09, 17:12
I think it will be Ricky and Natalie.

16-Nov-09, 01:03
I think it will be ali and Brian although i love watching Natalie from East enders - she just loves it so much and has such fun and she seems so oordinary too.