View Full Version : Class 7 M.O.T Needed

11-Nov-09, 23:21
Where would I beable to get a class 7 MOT do locally ?

Business index is not working at the moment so can't look on their.


11-Nov-09, 23:27
Er,...What is a Class 7 M.O.T?

11-Nov-09, 23:36
Class 7 is up to 3500kg . Charlie Sutherland in Reay does them.01847811303.

The Angel Of Death
12-Nov-09, 09:50
Thought it was one of them new fancy primary school test that they seem to be making kids do nowadays :)

12-Nov-09, 10:46
John Burke, who used to work for the tyre place at the drome has now started up on his own, I think he may do them. he has a polace at the drome as well.

12-Nov-09, 16:29
I too would be interested in alternative MOt providers in Caithness for a class 7 MOT any numbers welcomed!

12-Nov-09, 18:55
There should be a phone number for VOSA on the MoT certificate who can tell you who is registered for Class 7 in Caithness.

We used Reay when we had a class 7 van.

13-Nov-09, 23:17
Go to John Burke in Wick.

13-Nov-09, 23:56
Ok how do we get in contact with John Burke, have vehicle ready for testing next week and would put some business his way!

14-Nov-09, 15:10
burke motors 07703303632 from 1st of december 01955 608866

14-Nov-09, 18:38
thanks for numbers think I will try there this year as am sick of driving through to Reay where i can't even do anything while I wait, at least if I take the wee lorry through to wick I can do a massive shop! Can then post on the service if its good!