View Full Version : The Age of Stupid

11-Nov-09, 21:26
Not watched it yet but I'm gonna watch it tonight on DVD. Got an open mind so far after reading the occasional review.

11-Nov-09, 21:40
Well this is the first film I've bought on DVD where it gives the menu option of the full film version or the one without the swearing! :lol: Got to go for the non sweary one me thinks...

12-Nov-09, 01:41
how was the film?

12-Nov-09, 01:43
Very informative, there are only baddies, no heroes. Very inspiring though.

30-Nov-09, 20:45
LOL! I just watched this too for a module Im doing! Interesting stuff, the 11th hour was way better and it had leo dicaprio in it but only for tiny proportions of the DVD. Still worth the watching with lots of views from scientists and religious alike.