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Miss Mack
11-Nov-09, 20:43
Hi could anyone please recommend anything to calm my poor dog during fireworks. Have tried PAH products but they werent very successful. Shes frightened of any loud noises and was in an awful state when the neighbours were letting off fireworks. She was glued to me panting and shaking like mad. She then emptied her bowels on the floor as she was too scared go outside:(. Poor dog! And poor me having to clean up dog diarrhoea!

11-Nov-09, 20:45
Bachs herbal remedy is good and you can get it from the chemist

11-Nov-09, 23:32
Believe it or not but putting a child's T-shirt on her can help. Also, massaging her with circular motions of 1 1/4 (no one knows why but it works) all over her body will release most of the tension and help her to relax. A DAP diffuser may help as well and you can now get this as a collar. www.vetuk.co.uk

Finally, pull the curtains and turn up the TV or radio.

I am lucky in that Benjy and my cats aren't bothered by fireworks as long as he inside but I feel for those whose dogs are petrified by them.

11-Nov-09, 23:37
You can get T-Shirts for dogs.:D http://www.k9byigloo.com/k9-stripey-tshirts-for-dogs-c-65_69.html

Miss Mack
15-Nov-09, 10:26
Thanks both for your help, will try all suggestions as there may well be fireworks on Hogmanay !:) Liz the t-shirts are great, dont know if they'd suit an Alsatian though ! LOL ;). It's a pitty she's not more like our little cross, she isn't bothered by anything, they've got completely different natures. Thanks again :)

15-Nov-09, 13:45
I find that lots of different sounds throughout the house helps drown out the fireworks.
I'll have Radio 1 on in the kitchen, telly on in the livingroom, a different radio channel blaring in the corridor and maybe a different telly station on in one of the bedrooms.
All curtains closed and the various sounds around the house confuse the sounds of the fireworks.
Hope this helps.

15-Nov-09, 14:26
Here is a wee link that offers lots of advice including CDs that over a period of time can desensitise your dog


good luck - poor wee thing.

Miss Mack
22-Nov-09, 20:35
Ta very much. :)