View Full Version : The fourth Kind

10-Nov-09, 23:07
omg just watched this film very scary i shouted a few times during the film:roll: to my sisters horror in the cinema :lol: not sure if its real but very interesting to watch its about alien abduction i know that sound off putting but its worth a look

10-Nov-09, 23:29
can't wait to see it,

19-Jan-10, 23:34
I thought it was quite slow going at the start, me and my OH watched it last night. He wasnt keen on it at all and just couldnt get into it. But i wanted to keep watching.

Both of us jumped 6ft in the air when that guy went under and sat up straight in his bed and started floating :eek: what a fright we got cos it was not expected.

A good film indeed. And very well made i thought.

But i would say it has to be watched in the dark....:D