View Full Version : Drag me to Hell

10-Nov-09, 11:50
Totally over the top horror flick with melodramatic elements of the exorcist.

My advice is don't be conned by a good trailer and buy the DVD.:lol:

10-Nov-09, 13:52
Well its a Sam Raimi film so i wouldn't expect anything less than over the top horror from the man who brought us Evil Dead!!! (well there was spiderman)

11-Nov-09, 01:54
I loved the evil dead films and I'm also a spiderman fan, but was sadly disappointed in this film. I Found it just a lack lustre film and the ending my god how easy was that to spot.

"Sam Rammi's return to horror" I think not, dull dull dull 2-10 (only gets a 2 for the gumming).

11-Nov-09, 03:03
Oddly it was advertised as the horror film of the decade, not that it had any influence on OH to buy it.

11-Nov-09, 17:21
Watched this at the weekend - what aload of old tosh. It was so predictable despite the bad storyline, there are so many better films to watch