View Full Version : Michael Jackson's "This Is It"

09-Nov-09, 18:45
Hubby and I went to see "This Is It" on Saturday, and I'm so glad we did! :) I admit I went with high expectations, but the film exceeded them. Even my husband was extremely impressed, and our eyes were riveted to the screen the whole time. There was never a dull moment, and everything was very well put together. Age had not diminished Michael's incredible talent, and the concerts would have been absolutely astounding, had he lived to perform them. I left the movie theatre even further convinced of just how special Michael Jackson really was - both as a performer and a person. He still had much to offer the entertainment world, and was a very caring human being. Often misunderstood, and definitely gone too soon! I am thankful that this film was made, and highly recommend it.

10-Nov-09, 16:15
Quite like to see this is it still showing ?

10-Nov-09, 20:47
I went down to Inverness today to see 'This is it'. It's well worth going to see. :D