View Full Version : Avg 9

08-Nov-09, 18:43
has anyone upgrded their AVG to version 9?
keep gettting a pop up to upgrade now
just wondered if anybody has had any problems with it?

08-Nov-09, 19:20
no problems at all for me, that's on XP Home, XP Pro and Vista Home Basic

09-Nov-09, 02:19
Likewise not had any problems on the numerous systems I've updated - should be safe to go ahead.

Niall Fernie
09-Nov-09, 12:01
Working away fine on XP pro. Had problems trying to download it when it was first released (corrupted file) but it looks like they've fixed that.

I like the new trusted files scan, that checks for trusted files and then omits them from a standard scan, saving time. Also the low priority (background) scan seems to be better than avg8 and much less intrusive on system resources.

10-Nov-09, 19:13
thanks for the info folks, will go ahead with it now, cheers