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07-Nov-09, 14:56
Just thought I'd share this. During the last week I've had to examine two systems both experiencing intermittent Internet problems, though strangely not with all websites.

One ISP was Virgin (through a 3COM router), the other was AOL (through a Speedtouch router), and when I took them from their owners to my own workshop they miraculously worked on all websites thrown at them (and using multiple browsers where installed). When taken back to their owners the intermittent problems were there once again, despite resetting routers & replacing ADSL filters. This indicates to me that the PCs themselves were fine, and it was their respective Internet connections which were the problem. Both customers were advised to call their ISP with the details of what work had been carried out.

I've also had numerous calls having very similar problems and, it must be said, they were mostly from AOL customers, as well as having read many posters on the Org reporting it too. Although without seeing them all I cannot generalise, but the coincidence of so many experiencing this phenomenon leads me to believe there is something wrong somewhere.

Unfortunately I cannot explain why this is happening, just that before you go spending money on getting your PCs checked out, consider it may be something other than the computer itself. It seems strange that BT (as an ISP) doesn't appear to be AS affected - it only seems to be 3rd party ISPs using our local BT lines.

Sorry I can't give a 'one-for-all' solution - if you can test your system on another connection and it works fine then the chances are it's your connection that's at fault, in which case complain to your ISP (don't take any rubbish about it must be your PC - you've tested it on another connection and it's fine!) - once they've checked their system and, if they find nothing, they should notify BT - the more who report it the better the chance of BT looking into it if it is a widespread fault.

07-Nov-09, 16:02
AOL through a Speedtouch router
Server: resolver1.opendns.com

problems seem well known

like you bob i've reading around some of the other tech forums.


07-Nov-09, 17:07
I've only got my own connection to go by which seems fine, out of curiosity have you guys checked for stuff like DNS or routing issues or called the ISPs on the customers behalf.

You got a list of the intermittent websites?

07-Nov-09, 17:25
The websites seem totally random but tested in both locations they work in my workshop & don't at the customers, so nothing to do with the PCs themselves. Most of my customers do not go into router settings at all - many don't know what the default username & password are to do so! Even with that I've reset both routers and re-entered their ISP connection settings to no avail.

I don't think it's anything to do with the PCs or the routers, so really only narrows it down to a problem in the area (these were both Thurso but I've also had reports from elsewhere in the county), or in the country as a whole. I've not done a lot of looking round on the matter yet as I was up to my eyeballs last week - maybe I'll get some time this week :roll:

07-Nov-09, 17:51
It might not be an ill wind -we have a speed of 1.3Mb fastest ever its usually down at 350k.
Maybe there's more bandwith with bt messing every one elses' isp connection up.

07-Nov-09, 18:08
Well I would of pointed to DNS myself, most ISPs have really dodgy badly implemented DNS, which has only become worse since they botched the Kaminsky security patch last year.

However the post by dx100uk seems to indicate hes tested DNS, then again that could just be the Speedtouch which has a tendency of appending .lan to addresses.

General ISP routing or a transparent cache issue also come to mind.

07-Nov-09, 18:13
most likely issue would be a problem with the ISP cache servers, especially as you mention that horrible three letter name AOL

If there's an issue with their cache them exactly the sort of problem you describe can happen.

The apparent randomness strongly points to that.

That is where my money would be.

09-Nov-09, 17:26
Maybe that's what made me freeze today, although I'm with BT. My computer always hangs when Eset is updating so maybe if it was doing this when I was copying something from a website .... all just too much for it.