View Full Version : Orange coverage in Caithness

07-Nov-09, 12:30
Can anyone tell me what the coverage is like - especially in Thurso.


07-Nov-09, 13:21
Not very good. I've a few friends who aren't happy with theirs.

O2 and vodafone are better, but when there is a problem with the vodafone mast it seems to stay down for days.

That's my tu'pence worth.

07-Nov-09, 13:57
In the short period I was up north in August, I discovered there is no cover for Orange in Castletown at all, go a hundred yards out of Castletown and the signal suddenly appeared, while I was in Thurso I had very little problem, but I was only in the town centre area.

Check this from the Orange web site


07-Nov-09, 22:16
I have had Orange for quite some time and the coverage has always been Excellent.

I can usually get a signal when my son cant and he has Vodafone. The only place where I ever had any form of problem was just outside Reay and that is only in one tiny area.

07-Nov-09, 23:17
What Orange cover in Caithness?
Unless you are sitting on the top of a fairly high hill the coverage is appalling.

07-Nov-09, 23:51
honestly, dont bother! i phoned them up to ask why i never got my texts always get cut off four or five times during my calls, and they did tell me theres no coverage up here in caithness and they also apologised for not informing me of this when i got a new phone up here. in the process of changing it all around. thankfully!!!

07-Nov-09, 23:53
ive had orange for five years never had any bother.

08-Nov-09, 00:36
I am on 3 which piggybacks orange and my signal is fine in wick x

08-Nov-09, 03:38
It is fine in mine and my friend's houses and outside but when I am in a shop, cafe or pub etc it is appalling. Sometimes it is non-existent, sometimes very intermittent. When my contract ends I will probably go back to O2 as that is what I was on before and signal was very good. Will see what the situation is when that happens though.