View Full Version : Can anyone recommend somewhere nice to go?

07-Nov-09, 12:29
Its a gorgeous day, the sun is shining. Can anone recommend somewhere nice to go out and walk with the dogs? Dont mind driving there - just looking for somewhere different from the usual Reiss or Dunnett beaches / forest. Not having lived here long would appreciate some inside knowledge.. Thanks:):)

07-Nov-09, 12:43
How about Achvarasdal wood? :confused

07-Nov-09, 12:47
How about Achvarasdal wood? :confused

thanks Rheghead - where is that?

07-Nov-09, 12:55
thanks Rheghead - where is that?

Go west past Dounreay, 1 mile then turn left just at the bridge, 500 yds on right. :) Nice walk with lots of foliage, fungi and bird life. Can be muuddy in parts. There is a bin for dog mess as well but I usually just leave it to give posters a lot to talk about.:roll::lol:

07-Nov-09, 13:54
Yarrows historic trail. A brilliant walk on a lovely day. Also Dunbeath strath.

07-Nov-09, 22:27
you cannot beat farr beach at bettyhill

08-Nov-09, 04:28
or torisdale Bay, a bit further on, beautiful. On a good day you can walk on the beach from bettyhill to skerray.

08-Nov-09, 15:33
Strathy beach, Dunnet forest, "peedie beach " past Dwarwick pier on Dunnet bay, also a trip round Dunnet Head has good views.

14-Nov-09, 08:46
thanks folks for the suggestions.. Farr beach isamazing _ i havent tried the others though especially dunbeath strath = look forward to it if theweather picks up

15-Nov-09, 11:00
lots of brilliant walks up bettyhill way but quite a drive from this side of the county.
If its wet and windy, a walk through bilbster forest. the trees shelter youfrom the wind and quite a bit of rain. bit muddy underfoot tho so wear wellies.

Mother Bear
15-Nov-09, 17:27
Yes, we had a lovely walk up the Dunbeath Strath today.....along with other folks...never seen so many up there! Last Sunday we were at Melvich beach/river.....just great on a cold but bright wintery day in Caithness!

15-Nov-09, 17:55
Try Maidens Pap it takes about 3hrs to climb it but the view from the top is spectacular well worth it make you way down to Dunbeath and turn right halfway up the Dunbeath hill drive a few miles in till you get 2 a small bridge and phone box this is where u park up then walk

30-Nov-09, 21:26
The Shurerey Estate has a lovely walk up by the reservoir