View Full Version : Kodak digital display unit

06-Nov-09, 12:29
I was given a gift of a digital display screen and find it a useful tool to load photographs on to from a stick and show to an 80 year old across town. What I would like to know is I have several wonderful pictures she would love to see but they are power point presentations .......... I know I can load these on to my stick and open and display on a computer, but is there a way I can open the PP Presentation on to my little digital screen ??? "Na" ( Can I hear you say !!!!! )

06-Nov-09, 14:29
Its unlikely, there are two options though:

Pull out the individual images, see here (http://www.pptfaq.com/FAQ00344.htm)
Or convert the entire presentation to a series of images, Google PPT to JPG.

06-Nov-09, 20:56
THANKS ! ............ Its folk like you that prevent folks like me having a bout of High Blood Pressure !!! You have been most helpful.