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05-Nov-09, 21:45
Hi just to let you all know that i now have a website for my catering business KCC. www.kcc-food.co.uk (http://www.kcc-food.co.uk) let me know what you think. Thanks Kirsteen

05-Nov-09, 22:38
Everything looks wonderful...wishing u the very best in ur new venture.;)

05-Nov-09, 23:16
It does indeed look wonderful. Best of luck with your venture.

catherine nicol
06-Nov-09, 13:16
Wow, what an exciting time for you. Congratulations with your new venture.

I used to believe that hiring in catering was an extravagant thing to do but earlier this year I had an occasion south where I took the stress out of an event that I was organising by hiring in catering which left me time to concentrate on the other aspects of the event.

Whew what a relief that was and one of my better decisions.

Being honest as well, it worked out far more cost effective because when you cater for your own events you always worry that you don't have enough and buy far too much and spend all day (and possibly the night before) getting food ready and then running about like a headless chicken trying to cram in everything else you need to organise for the event.

The food was delivered about half an hour before it was to be served and hot stuff was delivered in slow cookers and warm trays which was ideal.

As I say good luck and if I would certainly recommend this option for anyone planning an event.

06-Nov-09, 16:49
Hi have just looked at your website and I am impressed Have a silver wedding next year so might be in touch.:D

06-Nov-09, 21:07
Thanks guys nice to get good feedback. Be happy to help just get in touch when you are ready. Thank you

09-Nov-09, 21:23
Just to let you all know that KCC will have a stall at the Christmas Gift Bazaar in Weatherspoons on Friday (13th) from 4 - 8 pm. Selling home baking. Thanks

10-Nov-09, 05:58
Has this section developed into "advertise your own business here" ?

10-Nov-09, 14:34
I put a message on the general & recommondation as i wasn't sure which thread i should put it on it was removed from general & left here. When i put on a few months ago about starting my own catering business everyone was very nice & told me to let them know how things are going so thats what i've done not trying to advertise my own company. Apologies for any upset. Forgot to say that the Christmas Gift Bazaar is raising money for the Wick Christmas Lights.

Miss Mack
11-Nov-09, 19:56
Has this section developed into "advertise your own business here" ?
A touch of the green eyed monster perhaps !!!

Miss Mack
11-Nov-09, 19:57
Good luck Kirsteen:)

11-Nov-09, 21:08
Thank you Miss Mack