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catherine nicol
05-Nov-09, 10:16
Wow, have you seen Amanda's current window display?

I drove up Dempster Street last night and caught it out of the corner of my eye and I took the time to turn the car and come back for a proper look, well worth the time spent I can tell you.

Her display is out of this world. Talented lassie.

I have ordered flowers from Amanda in the past and have received gorgeous arrangements and boquets from her shop as well and the flowers have lasted so long. She is a genius, you don't just receive flowers you receive a work of art.

Thanks Amanda.

I've heard that she is doing flower arranging courses soon, does anyone know when they start and where they are held? (Mind you I would be a challenge coz can't draw a straight line with a ruler!!!)

05-Nov-09, 20:46
Seconded - the bouquets I ordered were first class and both ladies delighted to receive them.

05-Nov-09, 21:02
Seconded - the bouquets I ordered were first class and both ladies delighted to receive them.

Bob you old romantic, buying flowers for 2 ladies. Go on you stud...:lol:

07-Nov-09, 13:06
LOL just to clear this up, it was for two wonderful ladies who had helped me clear out and redecorate my Gran's house while she was in hospital :lol:

07-Nov-09, 13:58
I have to agree Amandas flowers are amazing!Oh and if my fiancee is reading this he should go and see Amanda and buy me some :) :) x

17-Nov-09, 17:05
Just wanted to thank the original poster and everyone for their kind comments. I was away last week so only just getting caught up on all things .org!

I really love my job and hope everyone can see that with what I produce.

Being creative with the windows is one of my favourite aspects. If anyone is passing in the evenings ( or late afternoon now that the dark nights are here! ) I hope you'll take a wee peak at the christmas windows. Had so much fun planning them and creating them.

Thank you all again!

Dynamic Sounds
18-Nov-09, 11:10
Yeah Amanda's a great florist!

Got some flowers for thew wife from her last week (and some suspicious looks from the wife for giving her flowers for no reason) and they were great, and here prices are great aswell.


18-Nov-09, 11:13
i have used them on a number of occasions not tried the rest as i am more than happy with the value and quality of their service. well done and keep it up.

Missy Wick
18-Nov-09, 12:32
The christmas windows are amazing. everyone has to pass and have a lookie esp at nighttime.

18-Nov-09, 13:32
No matter what flower I use my cakes never turn out correct :~(

Am I doing something wrong and do you think Amanda could help me?

18-Nov-09, 15:47
im sure amanda could help you, the last cake she baked ROSE ok

19-Nov-09, 11:49
Oops a DAISY I am a little silly at times!

20-Nov-09, 16:49
I have already told my OH that when we get married the flowers are being bought at Amandas. Have seen lots of pictures of her work and its gorgeous and very unique!

Unfortunately i am hardly every in wick so cant see the window display! :~(

20-Nov-09, 17:19
Maybe Hibee will post some photos for you to see Shelley (hint, brick, smack!) :lol:

20-Nov-09, 17:28

21-Nov-09, 09:39
Aww thank you everyone.

Shelley, if you go to the link that mackenziesremovals kindly posted you can see a couple of pictures of the window. Alternatively, there is a shop page on facebook that have loads on it :)