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14-Apr-06, 22:44
I am hearing a clicking noise when gaming, it only happens when i instigate noise e.g. fire a weapon.
There is no interference when listening to cd's or music.
I have a Ferrari 4005 WLMI laptop.
It is months old and has done this since the start. I contacted acer and they advised that it may be that particular game not being compatible with the 64 bit? whatever thingy. however I have tried different games and have the same bother. Just wondered if anyone else had bother or if I should return to manufacturer ?


29-Apr-06, 21:38
Does the sound seem to come from the speakers or inside the PC its self?

30-Apr-06, 03:28
If it's coming from the speakers then it will most likely be the games.

What games are you trying to play, are they recent releases?

If it's coming from within the laptop then it sounds as if it might be your hardrive, when firing etc it may be causing extra workload which makes the rpm slow. Then you hear the clicking of the drive.
But I doubt that such simple actions as firing would cause the hard drive to function slower.

Niall Fernie
30-Apr-06, 18:12
Could be the hardware acceleration for the soundcard, its known to cause problems on some games (had this myself), one thing to eliminate anyway.

in the "start" menu, go to "run" and type, "dxdiag".

once the application loads, go to the sound tab at the top.

About halfway down on the left you will see the hardware acceleration setting, it will most likely be at the top (right hand side), so move it down one notch (to the left) click "exit" and try your game again. If you still get clicking, quit the game and go and move it down a notch again. Keep doing this until you've reached the bottom (unless the clicking stops). If it doesn't fix it, you can rule that one out. If it does, whatever level of acceleration your card is at will probably do for everything else; cds, movies, games etc.

Other things to look at are...

What game(s) are giving you problems?
Have you installed any patches for those games?
Have you got the latest drivers for all your hardware?
Have you got the latest version of DirectX?

18-May-06, 16:43
Guys sorry in the dealy in getting back, SWAT 4 and Splinter cell also, havent tried other games, However, the games played on an older Ferrari 4000 series does not give any noise, Will try Niall's suggestion and see how i get on. Thanks again 4 your help

26-May-06, 14:04
Speakers often "click" when the frequency of sound trying to be emitted is outside the range of what the speaker can create.

Could also be the hardware accelleration as Niall has suggested.

Another issue that sometimes arises with laptops, is to do with the components inside being close together, sometimes the hard drive can "interfere" with the internal speakers.

If Niall's suggestion doesn't work, i would think about getting a set of good quality external speakers.