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Humerous Vegetable
30-Oct-09, 16:23
I have a freeview box attached to the main telly and yesterday bought another one (different make) for the tv in one of the bedrooms. When I set it up, all I could get, apart from ITV3 was BBC channels. The other telly gets all the main channels and quite a few more, so what am I doing wrong? I've bought 2 new aerial leads, neither of which makes any difference, so what else to try? Any help much appreciated by this very thick person.

30-Oct-09, 16:26
have you scanned for new channels?

Is it on the same aerial? or an indoor one?

30-Oct-09, 18:31
put the new freeview box on the same aerial connection as the working one
try it there.

might neeed software update [see its menu]


30-Oct-09, 19:21
Well i would say the problem is to do with signal strenght being week have you got an outdoor ariel? nand have u tried using a booster