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29-Oct-09, 16:52
Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone on here might be able to help, a word of warning through I don't know anything about the tech side of things with computers can only work them lol.

We are with sky broadband and since we have had sky hd plus fitted on Monday it is taking forever to load pages on the internet and sometimes it won't at all.....driving me mad to say the least and also since then I am unable to use the phone and internet at the same time.....does anyone know what could be causing this or is a phone call to sky required?!

Many thanks in advance.
Katy x

29-Oct-09, 17:11
Have you checked that after the modifications done durint the installation that all micro filters have been fitted on each extention in your home - thjis can cause the above issues.

29-Oct-09, 21:46
Try rebooting your Router 1st.

You may have a free helpdesk with sky, if so just phone them. They will be able to test the connetion.

Who installed your Sky ?

30-Oct-09, 00:18
It sounds like the ADSL filter is either faulty or not correctly installed at the correct socket.

At the BT socket, the first thing that should come out of there is the ADSL filter, then there are two holes in it, one for the Broadband and one for the telephone or SKY box. If the SKY box doesnt go through a ADSL filter then thats whats causing you the problem with your internet access.

If you have more than one BT phone socket then there should be a seperate ADSL filter at each BT socket point.

Have a look at this guide also and see the troubleshooting guide - http://www.nildram.net/support/section/microfilter/1/

I hope this helps.

30-Oct-09, 09:28
As what previous posts suggests...

Check the ADSL Filters on your phone line.
This is what will be causing your fault.

31-Oct-09, 20:11
What to do katy if your broadband is slow phone up and complain to your broadband provider because they can give u a different ip setting so your on a less busy line

02-Nov-09, 10:36
Thank you all so much for replying it was caused due to the fact that when they fitted out sky the took the filter of our phone line and put it onto the sky so our phone didn't have a filter on it then!!!!

Total pest but back up and running again now.

Thank you all so much

Katy xxx

02-Nov-09, 18:26
Good to hear you are back up and running again. Its amazing how such a small piece if equipment can cause a problem if wrongly fitted.