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27-Oct-09, 14:17
Had a fantastic time at Wicked Paintball at Bilbster last week, was out for a hen party, not many turned out due to weather but Paul really made an effort to get us all enthuisiastic about it to get us going and what a great time we had, highly recommend it to anyone, great fun, def treating my daughter to it for her birthday

28-Oct-09, 01:04
have to agree, it's the most fun you can have with your pants on !!

loads of gamers sit at home playing virtual shoot em up games online ... go paintballing instead ! get dirty and shoot your friends for real !!

12-Nov-09, 14:31
We also had a great time at the paintball :evil a few weeks back. Our kids loved it and we are all looking forward to going back soon.

18-Nov-09, 15:46
Wicked Paintball is fantastic fun! Been twice and am definitely going back! Paul is great at organising the games and getting everyone enthusiastic and up for it!!

Def recommended for any event or just a great day out!

21-Nov-09, 16:11
Hi thanks for the great things people have been posting on here. Hope you all come back out to play.
Through the winter there is a special on for your game which includes 400 paintball and all your gear and gas for 29.99 and extra paintballs will be on a special price.

Tel. 07884 185 015
or email wickedpaintball@aol.com

22-Nov-09, 23:27
Just wondering how old the kids have to be to participate ?

23-Nov-09, 14:07
Kids have to be 12 years old