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27-Oct-09, 10:57
Have to say that I was very reluctant to watch this film as I just didn't think it was going to be my cup of tea. Wrong!
This film is fantastic. It's funny, witty, romantic, heartrending and with plenty of action.
Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman play their parts fantastically well and I would definitely recommend this film to everyone. Even hubby enjoyed this film.

27-Oct-09, 11:23
Have to say i was reluctant also - as it quite long - but me (and hubbie too) really enjoyed it - certainly pulled on my heartstrings a couple of times as i blubbed quietly on the sofa!! all round good story.

27-Oct-09, 22:34
Same here. Good film.

29-Oct-09, 00:56
Thumbs up here also!

13-Nov-09, 15:46
I really enjoyed this film. I'd heard good reviews but because I hadn't payed much attention to them I didn't really know much of what the film was about - except that there was a child in it! So I didn't have a clue what direction the film would take at all! A very very moving film but still thoroughly enjoyable!! :D