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26-Oct-09, 21:50
Hi. I'm considering making my desktop PC 'wireless' but only because I want to have Internet Radio in another room. I've done some research and now have a few questions:

I'd prefer a 'gateway' rather than a separate modem and router. Is any particular brand a recognised 'leader'? Does anyone recommend a particular brand?

Is 802.11n essential or will 802.11g suffice?

I'll need a network adapter. Which is best - USB type or a card that slots into the PC?

Final question. Can a gateways operate both wired and wirelessly? I.e. could I (for arguments sake) still have my PC wired and the Internet radio wireless?

Many thanks.

27-Oct-09, 02:16
all you do is add a wireless router to your system

currently, how do you get your internet?


27-Oct-09, 02:23
If you only have a single usb modem from your Broadband provider and want to replace it with a wireless router then I use a Zyxel P660HW-T1 v2 router and previously I have had a Netgear DG834 router. These can work hard wired and wireless at the same time. Its possible your ISP can give you one cheap (or should be for free if they want to keep you as a customer).

If you need a wireless adapter for connecting your desktop PC to the wireless router then I have lots of spares of this (below) so if you want one then pm me.

http://www.zyxel.com/web/product_family_detail.php?PC1indexflag=20040520161 256&CategoryGroupNo=67F17733-1AD6-4EB6-BCA2-11B4CDDBC1E2

Let me know and I will pop one in the post to you (might take a bit longer due to postal strikes).

27-Oct-09, 14:38
Thanks for the replies.

dx - I have a USB modem plugged into the back of my PC. The modem is also - surprise, surprise - plugged into the phone socket. The modem is a Speedtouch 330 - although it is used for ADSL Broadband Internet, it does not appear on the user's computer as a LAN or High-Speed Internet Connection, but rather as a Dial-up connection.

Brian - very generous offer you've made, thank you so much. I already have (got it from Tiscali) a Siemens Gigaset SE587 4 port wireless router. I've never used it as I'm happy with being 'wired' (but now I want Internet Radio). Looking at the instructions, the Siemens seems to be a Gateway (modem/router combined). If you're confident that your spare Network Adapter is what I need then I'll gratefully accept one from you. My address is in a pm. Many thanks to you.

30-Oct-09, 00:20
No probs. Hope its all set up ok for you now.