View Full Version : Laptop stuck in hibernating

25-Oct-09, 18:09
We've been away for the weekend and son has turned on laptop and it keeps saying its hibernating ?!!!
Its a Dell Inspiron 1525 any help much appreciated

25-Oct-09, 18:30
Firstly try holding the power button down for 6 seconds - the system should switch off completely. When restarted it *should* do a normal boot up.

If it doesn't work then unplug the power cord and remove the battery, then put them back & try the restart.

Let us know if this sorts it.

I personally hate the hibernation facility as it's caused many problems, & tend to turn it off!

25-Oct-09, 18:51
Did the restart and its working hurrah!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your help

25-Oct-09, 22:25
can also be a sign of a failing hdd or a near full one

if you know how, schedule it to do a chkdsk.

[my computer ; right click on local disk c:; tools ; check now ; tick both boxes - will need a restart to do the check on next boot]