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25-Oct-09, 14:15
Yes its me again with laptop problems!!!

I have a packard bell laptop the one we had before we got this one. It will be 3 years old in the coming may.

I was working fine and we cleared alot of it ready to sell but then decided on giving it to out 9 year old son.

He had it for a wee while then all of a sudden wouldnt charge up. when i plug it in the orange middle light( there are 3 lights on front) blinks on orange then blinks off again.

Not sur if its the battery thats goosed or what the problem is. Googled new battery backs and came back at 116!!!!!!!!

Any help very gratefully recieved :)

25-Oct-09, 19:23
If you remove the battery pack does the laptop work just on mains? In which case it could be the battery pack which is goosed, or it could be the charging circuit inside the laptop.

Only way to check is to get borrow another laptop which uses the same battery - then you can check the battery in it, or your battery in the borrowed one. It should reveal where the problem is.

If you post your laptop make & model plus battery make & model here you may get someone responding with an offer :D

25-Oct-09, 20:35
Thanks bob i knew you would come to the rescue. Tried the laptop without the battery pack and its working now. Can i use it like this or is it not a good idea?

25-Oct-09, 22:22
yep should be ok

order a newy off of ebay but beware of the hong kong connections!
even uk sites are in hong kong

these batpacks tend to be years old and the cells typically crap, they even put new labels on them.

see if you can order one from your local stockist for your lappy