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22-Oct-09, 16:52
Anyone know what is really good for gettign rid of a dry scalp especially around the top of the forehead area. I have only been getting this recently and it is very annoying! Any suggestions would be great :D


22-Oct-09, 17:08
My other half swears by vosene medicated

22-Oct-09, 17:26
You could try using a shampoo without SLS in it - it can be very drying and lot's of people are sensitive to it (was originally designed for cleaning garage floors). I highly recommend Green People's shampoo range or Aubrey Organics but any without SLS should help.

I do sell them on my web site (among others) but if you do a search online, you'll find lots of places you could buy these shampoos - you might even find some in Tesco if you look at the labels - no SLS or SLES.

Good Luck


22-Oct-09, 17:29
And EDTA is used as a water softener to make the calcium out of hard water. If the water is soft then it can make your hair/scalp dry

22-Oct-09, 17:41
My other half swears by vosene medicated

I use this all the time but it doesn't do owt for me but I do like the clean smell. the doc says I have what is called cradle cap but its only about an 1/8" spot but I cannot budge it. LOL. :(

22-Oct-09, 18:40
Olive oil liberally applied and then in the privacy of your own home wrap your head in cling film, just head not face (best add this incase someone smothers themselves and I get sued) leave on overnight and cool/warm wash it off next morning. This works for rough hands/feet/knees etc

23-Oct-09, 21:30
Don't use vosene if you have colour on your hair, it will fade out your colour.

23-Oct-09, 21:34
Don't use vosene if you have colour on your hair, it will fade out your colour.

Thanks for that but its not that much of a problem with what's left of mine, but is that why i'm going grey. ;)