View Full Version : Angus Mackay Photography

21-Oct-09, 22:05
Would like to recommend Angus Mackay Photographer from Latheronwheel. He recently did a photo shoot for my 3 boys and he was excellent with the kids and very reasonably priced . Thrilled with photos would highly recommend.

Davie MacLeod
21-Oct-09, 22:21
He certainly is worthy of recommending an excellent professional.

Davie MacLeod
21-Oct-09, 23:24
Angus has his own website here http://www.angusmackay.co.uk/
never thought of adding it when agreeing his work.

22-Oct-09, 12:40
I'd highly recommend Angus as well - he took some pictures for our article in the Executive Magazine and they were fantastic :) Did the pics for our wedding dance too and they were lovely....... Really nice bloke

23-Oct-09, 22:05
i would also recommend Angus! he is fantastic at his work, and a great sense on humour to go with it!! a jolly chap!