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21-Oct-09, 15:05
i am trying to find out which is one of the best hoovers to buy.
would like one that good at getting to the sides along skirting boards without having to use hose, or is that asking too much.
has to be good on carpet and hard floors
not too heavy for carrying up and down stairs.
its for an 8 bedroom house so needs to be good

also looking for an iron that is really good for bedding. the bedding is all cotton so needs to be able to get the creases out, which i find a problem with cotton sheets

thanks very much

21-Oct-09, 16:01
I have had a Sebo vaccuum cleaner now for about 3 years and it is so much better than the 3 Dysons I had before, it has really good suction, including at the edges, has an extended piece for the hose so you can actually use it to do all the stairs in one go and dust right up high, the only drawback is it has bags which have to be emptied or changed but you can get these really cheaply on Ebay.

21-Oct-09, 22:50
I would highly recommend a Henry.
'He' cleans right up to the edge, is good on all floor types and quite light to carry. A good all rounder at a good price and the bags lasts for yonks.
Oh yes and he is much quieter than other vacuums I have had.

22-Oct-09, 09:40
Miele vacuum is the best

22-Oct-09, 10:04
Miele vacuum is the best

I have to agree with cullpacket. My Miele is the best vacuum I've ever had.

22-Oct-09, 11:16
thanks for your replies.
what miele model have you got

i did think about a henry as i know they used to not sure if they still do, for cleaning schools etc, although i think i like the hetty a wee bit more than henry, only cause she is pink.

22-Oct-09, 11:22
Mine is the Miele Cat and Dog model. It's called that because it is good for removing cat and dog hairs. It's not too big, but it's mighty powerful.

24-Oct-09, 16:56
I have a panasonic upright with edge to edge cleaning brushes and on board tools. Got it in Alacam in Thurso two years ago. It was about 75 and was bought to replace a previous model which was 15 years old, and is still going strong in my dad`s house. It uses sealed dustbags so no messing emptying it. Bags are quite big and not too expensive to replace.

24-Oct-09, 19:01
Last year I treated myself to an Oreck vacuum cleaner - it is so light and efficient - I am very pleased with it.

25-Oct-09, 00:33
Dont get a Tesco hoover.I recently purchased a Tesco V207 cylinder hoover. There were 2 bags with it which i have used. Now i cannot get bags from Tesco, their suppliers, anyone for this hoover so it is of no use to me. Yet they are still selling it. It is a black cylinder hoover.

Alice in Blunderland
02-Nov-09, 08:24

I can highly recommend this iron its a Tefal Protect Steam Generator GV9360, .

I know its a bit on the pricey side but it cuts through the ironing in no time. I have one, best iron I have used. :D

03-Nov-09, 15:56
I've had a Polti Steamer with an iron attachment for many years now. It sails through the ironing like a hot knife through butter.

The only thing it hasn't done is improve my intense dislike of ironing....:confused