View Full Version : sky dish

20-Oct-09, 20:33
can anyone recommend someone who can put my sky dish back into correct position as its moved with the wind, and its not geting a signal. (someone not to expensive) thanks.

20-Oct-09, 20:40
Go an fiddle about we it urself and get someone to shout when you have a picture:-) cheapest way I know.

20-Oct-09, 21:18
thanks floyed, already tried that but with no luck, we get good signal strength but no signal quality.

Mr P Cannop
20-Oct-09, 21:23
are you in thurso ??

20-Oct-09, 22:57
I had same problem a few weeks ago and got Alacam to come in for 40 + VAT. Turns out it wasn't the dish after all though - it was the box (despite Sky testing it remotely and saying it was fine [disgust]). However, after threatening to leave, they offered me a free Sky+ box with free installation which is hopefully all going in tomorrow!

EDIT: Sky+ in and working perfectly :D