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19-Oct-09, 10:43
Can anyone recommend a good garage for servicing and repairs. Please. Have been here a year and would like to find a Garage with good reliable service. Prefer Wick, but other local places considered. Thanks

eric pollard
19-Oct-09, 10:47
gd macleods at shebster its a fair distance i know but the service is over and above everytime

19-Oct-09, 11:08
I can second that - George MacLeod at Shebster does a good job.
On no account go West of Shebster - that will eventually cost you big bucks for a badly done job.

19-Oct-09, 13:00
G.D Macleod shebster, probably the most honest garage owner you will ever come across.

21-Oct-09, 18:19

look at the link above for a local garage in wick

22-Oct-09, 10:52
Thanks to all for your replies. I have two to go on with and will probably choose the latter. As it is local and more convienent. Cheers!

23-Oct-09, 13:14
A & L Thurso used them for a few years now and always been first class

24-Oct-09, 16:52
County Garage in Millbank Road, Thurso

If o`er e ord I use John Birrells on Carsegate Road Inverness. Excellent diagnostician, reasonable prices for both parts and labour.

25-Oct-09, 01:58
I would highly recommend George Durrand in olwick road who has done my cars for years and is often open evenings and weekends. i have never faulted him.

Dynamic Sounds
26-Oct-09, 01:43
Definately George at Shebster. Used him for aslong as I've had cars and always gets the job done well and at a good price.

27-Oct-09, 01:58
Alec at Norhtern Motors!
Did my car just grand :D