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Colin Manson
16-Sep-01, 16:29
Hi all,

I have been thinking about the current rules that are being used to score the quiz. I'm sure that you have all felt that you have answered first but your answer seems to take a long time to get through.

It is not really fair to just give points to the first answer that appears on the screen. We need to look at other methods for scoring the quiz.

I would suggest that all contestants send their answers to by Private message i.e. /TO whoever

This would allow the person running the quiz to give everyone points for the correct answer and it would stop people copying other people’s answers. After all the contestants have supplied their answers they could all enter their answers again for everyone to see(possibly by cutting & pasting).

I think this would improve the quiz and make it fairer for everyone involved. What do you think?



16-Sep-01, 18:20

The Quiz room has been great fun so far and although most of us, at one time or another, have been thwarted by slow connections this has actually added to the fun. I don't think it is intended as a competitive event which needs complicated and cumbersome rules. Imagine someone new arriving late who wants to know the rules - how does one explain to them while keeping the flow?

I think the rule KISS is a good one!

I vote to leave it as it is.

Colin Manson
16-Sep-01, 18:31
Well I'm only suggesting this after recieving an email from someone but thats why I posted the suggestion here.

It's your quiz and your the people that decide the rules :)



16-Sep-01, 18:47
I agree with Partan.

16-Sep-01, 21:29
I think the quiz is more fun trying to see who can get the answer in first/fastest. Most of the regulars seem to like it like that, plus a bit of joking in between answers. Please leave it as it is.

Colin Manson
16-Sep-01, 21:37
The only problem with first/fastest is that the internet/chat room etc could completely reverse the order.

If I answer in 2 seconds and hit return, my message may not get there until 8 seconds. In the meantime, someone else answers in 4 seconds, hits return and their message appears before mine. Not very fair and for people with bad internet connections, well they might never get any points. Not very much fun for them.

The internet delay is different for everyone and there is no way to accounts for it. As I've said it's your choice :)


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16-Sep-01, 22:04
I think it adds to the fun and gives an excuse for a bit of banter. It is for fun after all

Leave it as it is.

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16-Sep-01, 22:38
Colin, I see your point perfectly, but must vote to keep it as it is. Part knowledge and part chance is more fun. If it were knowledge only, I would never get a point. I rely on the vagaries of the internet to score! -Helen

Colin Manson
16-Sep-01, 22:46
Well I was just raising the point because I someone asked me if I could make the system more even. If you’re all happy with it the way it is, then thetas the way it will stay :)

I do understand both sides of this and I felt that this was the best way to discuss the issue. If I was voting I would choose the private message system but then I don't get to the quiz very often so my vote doesn't really count.



20-Sep-01, 23:57
I agree with Partan..at least we can all have a wee fecht aboot who got in first...it adds to the fun we have on a Thurday night :)