View Full Version : A Caithness Monster

11-Apr-06, 16:38
I see in Jim Bewes we have our very own Monster no not the staff...

The Loch Of Mey Monster.. A kids book looks really nice. A nice change from
Loch Ness.

19-Apr-06, 13:06
They're signed copies so I've got one...

27-Apr-06, 20:58
Have you seen it !!!! The Book !! they also have it at Simply Unique Crafts at East Mey. I bought one it is brill, my kids just love it.
Well done Rebecca & Graham Winkle.

16-May-06, 23:20
Its taken a few years but finally made it looks like theres some major work being done a new visitor centre I think, Alot of overseas visitors here already!

The Loch Of Mey Monster is here too! Perched on the castle roof... well actually just the book.