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17-Oct-09, 12:02
Had to use NHS 24 this morning for my daughter have to say the service was excellent & so quick. The nurse on the phone was lovely & very calming. Got a phone call within 10mins to be seen by GP Dr Martins in CGH, he was very nice aswell.

im behind you
17-Oct-09, 12:07
hope nothing to serious. all in all i think the nhs are ace even though they are getting slated of late.

17-Oct-09, 12:14
Nice to hear the good as well as the bad - refreshing :) Thankyou. I hope your daughter is feeling better again soon.

17-Oct-09, 17:27
i had a tooth that broke at 5pmish so i had to wait till next morning i phoned them at 6pmish and didnt need to phone them back because they phoned me up at 8:30 am got the tooth tooken out at 12 i think its brilliant i never been in so much pain and they fixed it also the staff were really nice tooth took like 45 mins to come out tho didnt mind face was numb

17-Oct-09, 18:47
Earlier this year I was in absolute agony with a frozen shoulder (on-going !!!) at 6 o' clock in the morning !!!!! I was actually crying my eyes out, and felt so disorientated because I was in so much pain !!!!

My OH phoned NHS 24 and they were fantastic - due to circumstances (my OH actually had a pre-arranged hospital appt later that morn, so wasn't allowed to drive) my OH couldn't drive me to CGH, so a taxi was laid on for me and to bring me home!!

As said before, the "nurse" on the other end of the phone was absolutley great and so caring and thoughtful with her attitude regarding getting information !!

Thoroughly recommend this service to anyone who is in pain :)

17-Oct-09, 20:41
Glad The Service Was Excellent...
Good To Hear Some Credit Bout It...
Its Usually The Other Way Bout!
Hope Yer Daughter Is Ok Now!!

17-Oct-09, 21:33
We had our first experience with NHS24 on Wednesday nite with our little girl who wasnt very well, must say their advice and help was brilliant, got to see a doctor in the hospital within 20mins, 10/10 for this service!! x

18-Oct-09, 02:02
I have had a great service from nhs24 over the past few days giving advice and even phoning to ask if i am ok. Also they were excellent in phoning me when "himself" was dying and they were always quick to send a doctor to him. Never had any complaints against them at all. all have been very friendly and helpful.

19-Oct-09, 13:58
Can't fault NHS24 just back from Edinburgh and had to phone them re our son and the service received was first class.This is only the second time have had to call them and have no complaints at all.:)