View Full Version : Up in 3D

16-Oct-09, 20:45
I am going to see it tomorrow - anyone been to Inverness to see it yet?

17-Oct-09, 04:58
LOL no but am planning taking my two next week so would like a report when you get back please :D. We've not tried any of the 3D films yet so some info on that would be handy too!

As we're down for 2 days we may also consider Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs if it's still on!

17-Oct-09, 08:49
My son and his family went to see this film last week and loved it, but a wee word of warning, the 3D specs cost 2.50 each

19-Oct-09, 11:21
It was absolutely brilliant, but a word of warning. For one adult, one 4 year old, one slush puppy and one small popcorn I was over 23 quid.......

19-Oct-09, 11:32
I watched the final destination in 3D it was great yes a wee bit more expensive but worth it even if it was just for the experiance of doing it lol

As for the food just sneek in some tesco cheap stuff you could buy enough for every one in tescos for the prrice of one bag of sweets in there!

23-Oct-09, 23:56
WOW! What a difference the 3D makes - well worth the extra! Although was disappointed that any future 3D films you can't get a cheaper ticket if you bring glasses from a previous film - seems very wasteful. The large box of used 3D specs outside the doors just had me shaking my head...

One gripe with Vue tho' - the kids wanted to play some games afterwards so I went to get some change, only to be told that it was company policy not to give change unless something is bought :eek:. Apparently they used to have a change machine but it died, was removed & not replaced. It was their loss tho' - even kids remarked that it was stupid! An e-mail will be being sent early next week!

Depending on weather we might be seeing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs tomorrow - otherwise it'll be Landmark!