View Full Version : Gannets

16-Oct-09, 20:20
Am I the only one seeing more gannets than I can count? They seem to be all around the coast and in quite large groups.Spotted several chains of up to 20 birds today crossing Freiswick Bay heading north.........meawhile a large skein of geese at very high altitude had the right idea, they were going south!

16-Oct-09, 22:23
I have seen loads of them as well Lizz. I counted 189 passing in the space of twenty minutes at the South Head, Wick a couple of days ago.

17-Oct-09, 03:57
Best guess, there's a mackerel run on!:)

17-Oct-09, 15:47
There certainly was more fishing activity from the Gannets in Sinclair bay last week than I've seen in a while, and they were closer to shore - the numbers are about the same though.
I guessed they were stocking up on the last of the mackies before they all swim off to Norway.