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11-Apr-06, 07:37
Whenever I can't find a site online or the site is down I get a search page from freewebhost.
It annoys the **** out of me, how do I get rid?

The other thing is in task manager (processes) is there a site that lists all the programmes and what they do, so I can hunt down any that shouldn't be there? As the PC ages it seems to get fuller and fuller.

11-Apr-06, 14:50
It sounds like "Freewebhosts" have added some adware/malware type code to your browser. There are a few options open to you-

If you are using Internet Explorer - Goto Start/Control panel/Add and Remove Programs - look for Microsoft Internet Explorer and choose Change/Remove and then click on Repair Internet Explorer.

If you can`t see that option then in Internet Explorer goto View/Toolbars and look for any reference to freewebhost that is ticked if so remove it.

If all else fails you can reinstall the browser to take it back to it`s original condition - rememeber to save your book marks prior to doing this.

(One more thing if you are on XP try the System Restore tool Start /All programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore)

This site (http://www.answersthatwork.com/Tasklist_pages/tasklist.htm) lists the process in Task Manager so you can check which ones are which - often the processes are intrinsic to Windows so cancelling them can cause problems.

To speed up the machine try a defrag,clear your temp files and uninstall any programs no longer needed.Also have a look here (http://www.pcanswers.co.uk/tutorials/default.asp?pagetypeid=2&articleid=38391&subsectionid=779).

Hope this is of some help...:o)

15-Apr-06, 20:05
Cheers for that
I keep having to system restore and it took 5 goes last time before i found a restore where all the gubbins wasn't. We've got hotbar programs now may have to keep admin privileges to myself too trusting till now......
Will trawl the sites you linked to, wish the task manager lists would print off.
Thanks again