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10-Apr-06, 23:53
As I am the quizmaster this week I am cancelling the quiz on Sunday as I will be full of Easter Eggs and Bunny Rabbits.
The quiz will be however be held on Saturday Night 15th April at 9.00pm - I am calling on all the old time chatters/quizzers from yesteryear to attened - Weegili - Bigtam - Goldenboot to name but a few (im bad with remembering names). How about Bill Fernie and gang making an appearance?

Come on down guys - as there will be cheating and fighting galore - we might even get Highlander give us a verse of "Sexbomb".

Hope everyone can make it past and present

11-Apr-06, 13:05
sorry i canna make it on the saturday .:cry:

13-Apr-06, 12:47
i have forgotten about the quiz the past few weeks but defintly cannot make it saturday - Casulty is on then!!

13-Apr-06, 16:05
Fluff mate - Hope you can make it after casualty or Video tape it :)

16-Apr-06, 00:48
Thanks AC

It was fun - as usual.

I had guests for dinner, so I really shouldn't have been popping in & out. Made it all the more difficult to concentrate - lol :D ! I was kinda wary of the Mumpy fellow in the corner (hope they find an antidote soon - he seemed quite a nice chappie) and I kept getting the feeling a Ghost was watching over us. Nevertheless, another good night, even if some of the answers were posted before the questions :confused: but maybe the Ghost has an explanation. The Ghost wasn't very talkative & when Canuck tried to engage him/her/it in conversation - puff - it disappeared - Strange!

16-Apr-06, 00:57
Ghost is a fine chap and I dont think he was watch over as he was invited - glad you enjoyed the quiz -- Sorry I had to rush it near the end, but I had own unexpected visitors.
Should have let your guests join in mate - could have been fun

Well done everyone - even had everyone singing to me -- Great and TY

16-Apr-06, 12:22
I had guests for dinner

Did they taste nice? ;o)

16-Apr-06, 13:26
lol Moira Lector

16-Apr-06, 15:16
lol Moira Lector

Sounds like she Lecter guests right enough. I heard she had a stopwatch for Seconds ;o)

16-Apr-06, 22:11
Scorrie & ACameron - ROFL :lol:

I actually had slight indigestion today - the liver was really tender too - maybe I shouldn't have finished the whole bottle of Chianti. <smacking my lips here> :p