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13-Oct-09, 02:04
I am having problems with this file attachment..as in, no-one can open anything I send in a file and it won't let me make it a jpeg or similar. I have read it is corrupted easily and if I go to the Registry Editor and change it I can solve this problem. Now....can some one please tell me how to find the Registry Editor, I am a tad techie challenged. If some one can help me, please really simplify the instructions. :confused
Thanks in advance


13-Oct-09, 09:36
Can I be honest and say that if you don't know how to access the Registry Editior then you're really not at a level where I'd suggest you modify the registry. Although it's straightforward if you're following instructions, if you make a wrong move you can stop your PC from starting completely.

However if you're determined the do it then:-

XP: Click Start > Run > type regedit & click OK
Vista: Click Start logo > in the search box type regedit & start the search (IIRC - I'm using an XP system)

13-Oct-09, 10:54
No disrespect, your post is titled INK PROBLEM. Am i missing something ?

You mention attachments.

If people can't open files you are sending. It is possible that they don't have the same software, or the same file associations.

What type of files are you working with. Are yoiu trying to Zip\Rar them before sending ?

More info needed here before going into Regedit. (Not for the faint hearted)

13-Oct-09, 13:21

p'haps [l]ink problem.
but i cant see other than via ie send shortcut, [via email - pointing to a website page] that forwarding that 'link' can be causing others issues

more info please


14-Oct-09, 02:09
Thank you for your input. Bob I did find what you sent me, but decided not to play around with it.
MR & DX I have tried zipping it but that doesn't work either. Whatever I'm trying to send goes as lnk . lnk is similar to jpeg, but I have read that some moron out in PC land has been attaching a virus to it, so all antimalware treats it as a threat. I have an explanation but I can't seem to be able to copy/paste it here.
Basically the program is easily corrupted and needs to be changed from @="lnk_auto_file to value @="lnkfile"

Thank you all.


15-Oct-09, 23:21
Need to just make clear exactly it is your trying to do.

What is the file ? a short cut file to something on your desktop?

What is this programe that corrupts easily ?

Abit more info Rhandy and we shsall get to the bottom of this.

Need info on exactly what your doing please.


15-Oct-09, 23:37
OK being techie challenged makes its difficult for me to explain myself properly. Being self taught doesn't help.
Its like this....I have folders in my documents, whenver I try to send a folder to anyone, its comes up as lnk attachment in the subject box of the email. Even though all files are jpeg in the folder. I can send them jpeg one at a time but some have over 30 pages in them.
I have gone online and found the necessary information to fix the problem. I can't copy/paste, but the original information is here


Hope I have explained it OK so you can understand what I can't describe.
Thanks for your interest


16-Oct-09, 00:20
huh funny i've been working on this too!


you can down load the autofix file [in blue 'download winxp' etc - halfway down]
save it to your desktop [click the desktop icon on the left when the run/save/cancel option box appears.]

then when it is on your desktop right click it and hit MERGE.

have you cleared the old virus then?


16-Oct-09, 00:27
Yes I have run a full antiviral scan and repaired it. Thanks for this, I have down loaded it, I will see how I go. Hmmm its aking me if I'm sure I want to add this to the registry. Click yes?

Techie challenged Rhandy

16-Oct-09, 00:32
Sounds like progress :)

You'll get it sorted.

16-Oct-09, 00:55
typically looking at the type of nasty that causes this to happen
i'd be inclined to 'scan now'



16-Oct-09, 03:20
OK doing the Trend malware thingy now...So do I say OK to add to the Registry when I try again please D X?


16-Oct-09, 08:22
yes ofcourse you do sorry


16-Oct-09, 23:44
Thank you D X, have to backup everthing first


17-Oct-09, 00:10
well yes that a good idea anyhow
should be atleast a weekly event.
however, it wold be better you scan the content first
or else if you have a nasty, you are going to hit it again if you ever use the backup.

that fix i have tried BTW and is quite ok if that is what you are worried about?


17-Oct-09, 00:17
I worry about everything on my PC as I am self taught and not always sure what I am doing, that said, haven't deleted anything vital by accident yet. If I can figure out where to plug my 120 g external hard drive I can put everything there. Two plugs worry me.
If you think I'm bad now, you should have heard me 3 years ago when I first started. Only learned to copy/paste a few months ago. Cost me a fortune in ink cartridges before that.
I thank you very much for your interest and advice.