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12-Oct-09, 17:35
I am getting this error message when I bootup my pc, what does it mean and how can I rectify it?

Rundll Error loading c:\windows\system32\dkbbvjag.dll
The specified module could not be found.:confused

12-Oct-09, 17:46
I'd hazzard a guess that you've picked up an infected file at some point and your anto-virus has removed the file, but not hte loading reference to it.

It's something which would take a minute of two in the hands of someone who was competent and confidend in editing the registry, but otherwise I'd suggest going with MS Config for a DIY job.

In XP click Start > Run & type msconfig then click the OK button. Click the Startup tab and look for the line matching the error message, remove the tick from the corresponding box on that line and then click OK. When you re-boot the error message should be gone.

This is simply disabling the message, rather than removing it completely.

12-Oct-09, 19:53

I will have a bash at that:D