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Kevin Milkins
10-Oct-09, 20:27
A little bit of technical help required please.

If I connected a DVD recorder to a TV and connected A video tape player to a TV and played a video tape, could I record it on the DVD recorder onto a disc?

Thank you in anticipation


10-Oct-09, 20:51
I should think so, I used to do the same thing with a Sky box instead of the video player

10-Oct-09, 23:28
yep if you get the sockets correct on the TV yes
one is typical oneway [in only]
the other is in/out.

if its anything recorded yourself then all shold be ok, its is commercial video the you might hit the macrovision light/dark switching that is there to stop such copying.


Kevin Milkins
11-Oct-09, 00:10
Thanks for that guys, (or girls) I want to get rid of a load of video tapes, (weddings etc) and get them into digital format and it would seem that would be the way to go.

Regards KM

11-Oct-09, 00:14
unless your recorder only has one socket, it might be better to do it direct [scart <> scart, recorder to VHS] and not through the tv.