View Full Version : Car Detailing/polishing

10-Oct-09, 11:11
Get yourselves onto this forum specialising in car/bike detailing (washing/polishing/correction etc)

It is one of the most informative forums you will ever come across to take your handy work on your pride and joy to a different level.

Its got great "how 2 sections" on tips and methods for getting that paint job the way it should.



10-Oct-09, 12:41
im a member of this forum and it is the best there is,detailing equipment is expensive and it is addictive to keep buying ang buying [lol]some good tips on there,for those who dont know...detailing is a completely different league from valeting.....join up and read the forum the best of the best run the website and everyone goes out there way to answer your questions,unlike some forums:roll:

11-Oct-09, 20:38
It really is one off THE friendliest forums online. I used to be mad for cleanin t' car but nowadays I'm just no fit for it.