View Full Version : Dead slow or stop!!!

08-Oct-09, 12:57
Has anyone else been having problems with power on their computer?

By this I mean taking forever to start up etc and programmes not responding?

I thought it was a problem with my computer but spoke to someone who said she knew a few people who are having the same problem and it's as if there isn't enough power getting to the computer?

08-Oct-09, 13:04
i've been having various probs with mine for a few weeks now, last couple of days I haven't been able to type properly cos its like the keyboard is sticky and misses out letters!

now whenever I go to close internet explorer I get the error message "INTERNET EXPLORER HAS STOPPED WORKING" and then it recovers the tab and I go around in circles until I eventually have to get task manager to close it! pain in the proverbial!!

laptops only a few months old and doesn't have that much loaded on it as far as I am aware and I don't do dodgy websites either ;)

08-Oct-09, 14:04
I don't do dodgy websites either ;)

Well well well, very quick to defend yourself there without anyone suggesting such a thing!!!! :D

Kevin Milkins
08-Oct-09, 15:07
I do all the dodgy web sites, and mine seems to be running OK in Wick.:roll:

09-Oct-09, 12:00
Running slow can be due to spy ware :( A lot of free downloads can have them attached - not necessarily dodgy sites...

There is a really good online virus checker called


I have used it myself and can guarantee it really is free and up to date and does not break your computer :)

It's amazing what it can find! Give it a go :)

09-Oct-09, 12:28
Thanks everyone but, thankfully, everything is okay again. Well for now anyway!:roll:

Leanne it wasn't due to spyware but a few folk in Caithness have had this problem and it appears to be a lack of power but not sure why?