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07-Oct-09, 18:46
A friend of mine is just getting his Acer desktop going and is getting the following Application errors on Startup:


I have looked all these up and some seem related to Acer with the recommendation in all cases to run a scan. I don't think he can though because he can't get broadband (BT - don't ask!) so presumably it would take ages with dial-up. They're an awful nuisance as he has to close each error message down and they don't always want to so that requires a re-boot. Not having broadband he doesn't often go online so I'm not sure what protection he has.

Sorry, this is all a bit vague. Any suggestions? What else does anyone answering need to know?

07-Oct-09, 20:39
all those files are part of the acer registration & first install process.
they should come on the acer disk.

try the startup folder first to see if they are listed there.
you might need to re run the acer disk.
it wont be the system [windows] disc
it will be the other disc if he still has it.

you can always search for them using regedit and disable thatway.

or run something like CCleaner and disable them from the startup tab there.


07-Oct-09, 21:05
Thanks for that. He doesn't have anything in Startup - that was my first thought. I'm not really confident to use regedit and can't run any programs off the Internet because of dialup speed. That's the problem. I found lots of suggestions via Google on my computer but can't do anything on his. Makes you realise how necessary broadband is these days. Might have to call in the professionals.

07-Oct-09, 22:34
well that doesn't stop you putting ccleaner or glary utils on a penstick does it?

if you really want to cure it
just download HIJACKTHIS

that will give you a list with tickboxes down the side
you just untick the ones tyou dont want to run..simples.


08-Oct-09, 10:31
You can disable these programs from startup using the built-in MSCONFIG tool

Go to Start > Run Then Type "msconfig" (without the quotes)

Then select the startup tab, the programs you mentioned should be listed there, just untick them, then click Ok. The actual program name is listed under the "Command" Column

Restart the PC and hopefully they wont run.

If the programs are not listed in MSConfig then, there could be some registry entrys in the RunOnce Key

open up regedit and drill down to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\RunOnce

if the programs are listed there, just delete the entrys.

Hope this helps,

08-Oct-09, 11:32
Thanks Sean. I'll try to get back over to my friend's house soon and give that a go.

09-Oct-09, 08:46
I emailed your reply to him Sean and he says he did it (I imagine that means the first bit) and three files have gone but he is still getting MOM.exe. I've Googled it again and am getting conflicting messages except they all say it's ATI. Some say it's spyware, some that it's OK. Any more suggestions?

09-Oct-09, 09:42
i'd hedge it not being the poss virus one as he has an acer & this is an acer executable that is provide on their disks.


09-Oct-09, 11:33
Do you know what is the actual error message that comes up?

09-Oct-09, 12:32
Think they were all the same so

MOM.exe - application error (Oxc0000135)

does that help?

09-Oct-09, 13:16
I have had a look around for a fix. It would appear that MOM.exe is an ATI product (however there is also a known keylogger trojan also called MOM.exe)

By the error you provided it would sugest this is the ATI application.. phew!

Seen a couple of sugestions to install the .NET 2.0 framework... but as you mentioed your friend is only on dialup, it might take a while to download. You could download the framework from Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=0856EACB-4362-4B0D-8EDD-AAB15C5E04F5&displaylang=en) and save it onto a USB pen drive or burn to a CD, then install on his PC

09-Oct-09, 20:01
Thanks Sean - I'll try that.