View Full Version : Art supplies in Caithness?

07-Oct-09, 13:09
Can anyone tell me is there a shop selling art supplies in Caithness? Nothing coming up on google or Caithness business directory. I'm specifically looking for large canvas boards.

07-Oct-09, 13:30
Have you tried BB&C craft shop in the lane down the side of the butchers opposite Boots in Wick? Tel 01955 609044

07-Oct-09, 13:52
Thanks Julia, will give them a try. Any more suggestions welcome.

Murdina Bug
07-Oct-09, 17:09
What about Durrans in Thurso? They sell (or used to, not looked for a while) oils and brushes, pastels etc so may have other stuff.

01847 893169

2 Sir John Square
KW14 7AN (http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=KW14+7AN)

08-Oct-09, 08:37
Hi Supernova

In Wick there is also the Newspaper shop next to Ethel Austins. Through the back there is a section between the cards and books for art stuff. They did have a heap of paints, artist pads and such - must admit, I haven't seen it lately, but then again, haven't been looking for it.

It might be worth a try but definately the Craft shop Julia said. They should have everything (I would think)