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05-Oct-09, 17:21
Mohammed Amend would like to apologize to all customers for the inconvenience caused due to Balti House being closed,

Balti house was closed today due to circumstances outwith his control for which he is seeking legal advice.

However Mohammed would like to inform all his loyal customers that he will be reopening on Thursday 8th October (depending on work completed on schedule) at his new premises on 15 bridge st, Wick (formerly Caldeonia Restaurant)where he will continue to serve take away pizzas, curries, kebabs and british foods etc and also provide a sit in menu in restaurant.

New telephone number for reservations and take away orders 01955 606117

Kevin Milkins
05-Oct-09, 18:48
It's all happening in Bridge street.:eek:

05-Oct-09, 23:10

05-Oct-09, 23:38
lets hope his food is better last time i was in wick me and my pal went for a kabab was not nice in the bin it went.....:roll:

06-Oct-09, 13:56
Ive Always Had Nice Food From The Balti House!!
Be Nice In The Curry King

07-Oct-09, 09:05
To put record straight on Balti house, Mohammed Ahmed, chef and staff from Balti house are moving premises to 15 Bridge St, Wick.

Balti house has reopened under new management and staff chef etc.

King Curry will be open for business at 15 Bridge st, Wick on Thur 8th October or Friday 9th October. Will let you know definate date as soon as possible

07-Oct-09, 10:05
You mean Curry King lol

07-Oct-09, 10:57
You mean Curry King lol
yes sorry it is curry king

07-Oct-09, 11:07
I used to go to the Balti house but gave up on them. DONT fone your order in Coz you wont get what you ordered ! Not even if you ask them to repeat what you just ordered place was a joke. Went back a couple of times to complain and the manager said his chef was stupid.

07-Oct-09, 19:46
Ive always had the correct orders when ive gone to it.

07-Oct-09, 20:21
Ive always had the correct orders when ive gone to it.
i used Balti house regularly on one occasion they did mix up order, which was swiftly rectified, i will certainly be going to new premises as the curries and pizzas are ace can't wait till they open

07-Oct-09, 20:27
Never had any probs when we have had kebabs or pizzas! And always yummy!

07-Oct-09, 22:20
Usually go for an Indian starter followed by a pizza :D Always been very good