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05-Oct-09, 17:01
Hi, was wondering if anyone could recommend the best place for riding lessons for my 6 year old daughter or even someone that gives private lessons.. Thanks in advance....

05-Oct-09, 20:54
Without a doubt - Natalie Oag at Horsin Around in Lyth. She always does private lessons for their first few goes and then they can join group lessons. My 4 year old goes and she just loves it. The ponies are bomb proof and Natalie is so enthusiastic!

05-Oct-09, 21:18
I have to agree with skinnydog..natalie does an excellent job,.my better half loves it when she goes out for a lesson

05-Oct-09, 22:00
Thankyou for that, I don't suppose either of you have a contact for Natalie at all?

06-Oct-09, 20:28
Her mobile number is 07851660324. Most of the time you just leave a message and she will get back to you. Let us know how you get on if you go - i'm sure your kids will love it!!

06-Oct-09, 20:50
Thanks a lot for that, she is horse daft anyway but no room for one in my garden unfortunatley... Am sure she will love it though. Thanks again for the help much appriciated. :D