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05-Oct-09, 14:37
Does anyone know what this company is like?

I got a phone call today saying I could save quite a bit of money by changing from BT for both broadband and phone calls but don't want to change if they are no good?


05-Oct-09, 17:51
Never heard of them :~( Always wary of cold callers!

05-Oct-09, 18:54
Had a call as well, would be interested in any information as well

05-Oct-09, 19:06
Thanks both.

I don't like cold callers either and usually hang up but decided to take this call as was curious.

Might just stick with BT as I know what I am dealing with for better or worse!:confused

26-Oct-09, 11:09
My mum and dad got a call from this company too. I couldn't find much about them on the internet and there are no 'reviews' from current users!!

Checked on their web page and they are Comms Factory Limited - 24talk is just a trading name of theirs.

I am a bit suspect of this and dont want to see my folks getting done!!!

Any more info would be brilliant.