View Full Version : Handyman/Joiner required

05-Oct-09, 13:35
Can anyone recommend a Joiner/ handyman in the Castletown area?

Our shed door is starting to fall apart at top corner. The top lintel seems to have separated from the side.

It looks like it can be repaired by somebody with the know how (not me).
It needs fixing before Winter arrives properly.
Thanks in advance.

05-Oct-09, 19:34
Mr Homefixit used to advertise on the org and is very good with doors and joinery work....someone will be along soon with his number I am sure.

06-Oct-09, 17:01
Many Thanks Poppett.

06-Oct-09, 18:54
Have you tried Patric McKenna on 07867624037, very good price, handyman for fencing, paving, garden work plus joinery

07-Oct-09, 08:48
Charlie Sutherland is good he's done work for me in the past of odd bit and pieces that I can't do with joinery work and he is quick and reasonable price 07780641087

10-Oct-09, 11:08
Many Thanks one and all for your valuable pointers. Job now done.