View Full Version : Links no longer work with Explorer

05-Oct-09, 07:39
We had a working web site with links and everything, but now with the new I.E. explorer the links don't function, thanks Microsoft! We have Dreamweaver, any suggestions as to what is needing changed
its www.caithnessbigband.org.

Niall Fernie
05-Oct-09, 09:03
Looks like a Flash/IE problem (perhaps something to do with permissions), so if it were me I'd remove the flash and just put straight html links in instead. Or rebuild the links with a later version of flash. Personally I'd go with the standard links as they are not likely to break in the future.

05-Oct-09, 09:04
Thanks Niall

Niall Fernie
05-Oct-09, 09:08
Just checked and its definetely a permissions problem of some kind as if I use the url http://www.caithnessbigband.metrohosting.info and click the links in IE they work fine.