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13-Jan-04, 11:40
Are u under stress,being bullied,teenage problem,work problems,buying a house for the 1st time or selling?

This is a good website for u it helped me loads i got really good advise!

It is for alsorts of problems not just the above


13-Jan-04, 16:13
hey linzy i like that - however i think Caithness.org should have a resident agony aunt or uncle.

Post your agonies here folks lets see what answers we get


13-Jan-04, 17:50
I thought it was really good 2 and there is a lot of depressed people out there who need some1 2 talk 2, (well its not just 4 depressed people) but it is a good site,like i said it helped me heaps with a problem i had and now its sorted!!

That young guy that commited suicide last week, what a shame mayb he just need some1 2 talk 2 and i know there is samaritians but it is a lot easier 2 write or type your feelings instead of saying how u feel, well it is 4 me!!

13-Jan-04, 19:20
its to late to tell mr shipman about that site then [lol] [lol]

Sushi XD
31-Jan-04, 18:59
What a corrupt dude he was... Shipman I mean.

Thanks for the link Linzy, pass on the message people! :D

09-May-05, 17:03
Good site, and their should be more support facilities taking into consideration that due to the Highlands remote setting, people who are trying to escape pressures in their lives at that moment in time, will escape here.

Samaritans are looking for new volunteers here in Caithness, as they supply a much-needed service to people who are in a crisis for what-ever reasons in their lives.

Could you be a volunteer?

Besides the national helpline 08457 909090 Samaritans can be contacted locally on 01847 895656 or people can call round to the centre in Riverside Road (check local opening times), for a chat or contact them by email at enquiries@samaritans.org or people in a crisis can contact them via email as well (jo@samaritans.org).

1 in 4 people will experience some form of Depression/Mental Illness at some stage in their lives, more than likely due to the ever-changing pace of lifestyles and environments etc (enough said).


Dave the Rave

10-May-05, 01:05
Why dont you advertise and have a get together where people could meet once a month in a pub and arrange outings and meals out together etc. there was one inMackays Hotel, wick for a while. they met once a month and had trips out and social evenings etc. there were about 15 people from all over Caithness. i dont know why it stopped, i thought it was a good idea, especially for single women who want a social life with other singles.