View Full Version : Farrier needed!!!

03-Oct-09, 14:44
Does any one know of a farrier, who can come & trim my young horses feet? Must be patient & good as its his first time, i'd like it as stressless as possible for him.
Recomendations would be greatly recieved!!
Were nr lybster.

03-Oct-09, 17:06
For youngsters I would recomend using Keith Hedely as co from Invershin their number is in book. I have used him for last 15 years and have always been a happy customer he does all my horses and youngsters no problems at all and is gentle and very good with anxious horses, not the cheapest but best in my opinion.

03-Oct-09, 19:34
I'm having a "new" farrier come and trim my youngsters feet tomorrow - will let you know how it goes :)

03-Oct-09, 20:51
whose that then leanne??