View Full Version : LUSH mmm

07-Apr-06, 21:35
Highly recommend the LUSH bath products. They do stuff for both male and female "tastes". New shop opened in Inverness too.

08-Apr-06, 18:25
i just love going into the ness shop and sniffing

08-Apr-06, 18:54
the good thing about it too is all the products and ingrediants are not tested on animals, and are all safe to use even for the most sensitive of skin.

it is the only stuff i can put into my bath without having problems after.
feels and smells good too

08-Apr-06, 22:59
First one i used had wee petals floating about in the bath, pure bliss!!
Dunno if it was so good for the drains tho!

22-Apr-06, 12:46
My favourite shop - I go to Inverness almost exclusively for that - love their face washes and soaps :D